Saturday, October 31, 2015

11/2-11/6           Agenda and Assignments

-Quiz on Origin of Life (scientists and their experiments)
-Internet Module: From Soup to Cells is due today!
-Begin Lab: Evolution of Plants: Form Fits Function
  -Work on Pre-lab in pairs
  -Discussion about lab background and stations
HW Blog Assignment #4 Stuck in Cement!

Please watch this podcast.  The information can help further your understanding of the lab we are working on in class: Evidence of Plant Evolution: Form Fits Function .

Write a 2-3 paragraph (6-8 sentences) response to the following task:

Your task: You need to find a way to survive with your feet permanently anchored in cement?

You Can't:                                                      
Hide from predators                             
Seek a mate
Walk to water or food
Change your habitat

You Have to:
Get necessary nutrients
Get water and oxygen
Reproduce (your mate may be a mile away)
Deal with changes in your environment (i.e. dry, wet, hot, cold, dark, light etc..)

-Work on lab in class
HW 1. Portfolio Reflection #2 due on Friday 11/6

        2. Stuck in Cement!
-Work on Lab in class
HW Portfolio Reflection #2 due on Friday 11/6
-Work on Lab in class
HW Portfolio Reflection #2 due on Friday 11/6
-Work on lab during class
-Portfolios are due today!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

10/26-10/30           Agenda and Assignments

-Begin Origins of Life Unit
-Swap textbooks
-Read pgs 21-23
HW 1. Where Does Life Come From?/Fossil Clues (use pgs 21-23)
        2. Quiz on Monday, 11/2
-Set up flask demonstration
HW Germs From Nowhere (read, highlight, complete questions)
-Video: Origins of Life
-From Soup to Cells (Internet Module)
From Soup to Cells Internet Module

HW Internet Module due Monday, 11/2
-Halloween Assembly
-Finish Video: Origins of Life
-Work on Internet Module
HW Study for Quiz (Know the scientists and their experiments)
-Creating Coacervates demonstration
HW Study for Quiz (Know the scientists and their experiments)
        Internet Module is due Monday, 11/2

Happy Halloween!

Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

What Was the Miller-Urey Experiment?

How Did Life Begin?

What is Chemical Evolution?

Friday, October 16, 2015

10/19-10/23           Agenda and Assignments

-Go over Food Chains and Food Webs wkst.
-Vocabulary Notes
-Exploring Symbiosis Game
-Study Guide

Study Guide
HW 1. Symbiosis: Good Buddies
Symbiosis: Good Buddies
        2. Backyard Succession drawing the stages
Backyard Succession
-Exploring Symbiosis Game
-Plot Study outdoors (discuss and take a picture; predict)
HW Succession: Equilibrium in Ecosystems

Equilibrium in Ecosystems
-Succession Skit
HW Study for Test on Friday, 10/23
(Note-taking sheets and study guide on blog)

-Review for Test in class
HW Study for Test! 
(use notes, worksheets, and study guide)
Study Guide
-Ecology Test!
HW The Demise of the Halloween Pumpkins wkst. (2 sides)
Succession Song

Saturday, October 10, 2015

10/12-10/16           Agenda and Assignments

No School - Columbus Day
-Pond Ecology Lab is due today!
-Biodiversity in Nature Activity
-Tree Biodiversity Simulation
-Record Demise of the Halloween Pumpkins Data (all week)
HW Biodiversity in Nature Activity Questions
-Play game outdoors, Oh Deer!
-Predator/Prey relationships
-Competition: Limiting factors and Carrying Capacity
Oh Deer!
HW The Lesson of the Kaibab, due Friday 10/15
The Lesson of the Kaibab
Disease Simulator
HW The Lesson of the Kaibab, due Friday 10/15
The Lesson of the Kaibab due today
-Discuss food webs and energy flow
-Finish game outdoors, Oh Deer! (Analyze results)
HW Food Chains and Food Webs worksheet (both sides)
Food Webs and Food Chains worksheet

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10/5-10/9           Agenda and Assignments

-Levels of Organization in Nature
-Go over HW and collect
HW Living Earth Packet (part of it)
-Go Over Levels of Organization in Nature
-Pond Ecology Lab (use microscopes to view pond water)
HW Living Earth Packet (part of it)
-Go over HW
-"The Demise of the Halloween Pumpkins"
HW Tropical Rainforests (Read, highlight, and answer questions 1-4)
-Go over Tropical Rainforests
-"The Demise of the Halloween Pumpkins"
HW Pond Ecology questions
-Pond Ecology Lab
HW Pond Ecology Questions