Portfolios in Science

Mrs. Pratt; 7A Science

Portfolios in Science

Each student is expected to maintain a portfolio.  The portfolio is a 1 ½-2” three ring binder that is a collection of all the work that the student completes throughout the year.  Portfolios are a work in progress and are an important assessment tool that students are encouraged to use to assess their own learning through reflection.  Portfolios stay in the classroom and are added to on a weekly basis.  Students are able to review work at this time and will review and reflect on assignments twice per term; during midterm and at the end of the term.  Since the portfolio goes home with the midterm and report card, students and parents can review work and reflect on progress together.  The portfolio is also a great communication tool.

Any and all work, quizzes, tests, and projects are available for students to take home for parents and guardians upon request.  Students are encouraged to utilize their portfolios to review for tests and quizzes.  It is a great study tool.  The portfolio should be saved at the end of the school year and can be used for 8th grade review before MCAS.  High school CP and AP biology students have even saved their portfolios and have made good use of them in biology.  The contents of the portfolio will vary and is dependant on the type of work completed in any given quarter.  Corrected homework assignments, class work, quizzes, tests, projects/rubrics, lab reports, and portfolio reflection coversheets are some of the types of work contained in the portfolio.

The portfolio reflection coversheet is an important piece because this check-off sheet  outlines all of the completed/assigned work during a particular quarter.  Student progress can and should be compared to the portfolio reflection cover sheet.  When portfolios come home, please plan to take time to review your child’s work and make any comments you wish.  Please sign and date the portfolio cover sheet.  Students earn points toward their homework grade for the successful completion and timely return of their portfolio.

Below is an example of what the students are expected to complete:

Portfolio Reflection Sheet (#8)
At the End of Quarter 4
Blocks A,B,C,D


Please check off each piece of work (include the grade or mark) as you add it to your portfolio. All graded work is being returned to you ; if an assignment is missing, you did not turn it in to me. A blank space, rather than a check indicates a missing assignment. Please read the portfolio guidelines and grading rubric at the front of the portfolio in the science packet. You can also find extra credit opportunities here.
Parent/Guardian: please review your student’s science work. (5 pts.)

Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________Date____________
A positive comment regarding my student’s performance in Science is : (optional)

Please include in your reflection: (5 pts)
____Notebook ____Natural Selection Simulation
____Bacteria ____Evolution Puzzle Activity
____Biological Classification ____Perch Dissection Lab
____Portfolio #7 ____Milk Lab
____Ebola: Plague Fighters ____Microorganisms Everywhere Lab
____Protists and Fungi Note-taking ____Bacteria and Classification Quiz
____Ameba Coloring ____Final Assessment
____The War Against Malaria
For Reflection: Please answer the following questions. (5 pts)

1. At the End of Quarter 4, what have you learned (strategies or lessons) that you need to do to be successful in Science class (be specific)?

2. Please set a goal to reach for Grade 8 (how can I be successful ?).

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