Helpful Websites

Textbooks online!!!

1. Interactive Microscope Quiz!!!!!

Test your memory.  Study for the quiz.  Don't forget to study the 3 parts of the Cell Theory.

2. Cell Size and Scale slider

Click on the link below:

3. Cells alive is a wonderful educational interactive website.

  • Cell Models: Plant cell, Animal cell, and Bacterial cell
  • Mitosis and the cell cycle

4. Inner Life of the Cell Youtube video (8 minutes)

Very well done!!

Inner Life of the Cell

5. School House Rock is a great resource for all subjects!

SchoolHouse Rock

6. Photosynthesis Game: Read the directions and play!

Photosynthesis Game

7. Great animated Photosynthesis Song!

Photosynthesis Song

8. Photosynthesis Rap Video

Photosynthesis Rap

9. Rader's Biology for Kids


10. Rader's Chemistry for Kids


11. Citation Machine

Citation Machine

12. Easybib - helps make citations and creating a bibliography for your projects and papers easy!


13. Locker opening!!!

14. Science news articles for students

Science News Articles for kids

15. Science News for Kids

16. Create a Graph

17. The Scale of the Universe

18. Number sleuth: Magnifying the universe

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