Above and Beyond Science

Above and Beyond Science Activity Block Ideas:

Science Art:
  • Shrinky Dink science jewelry and key chains
  • Flower/plant pressing and mounting (taxonomy)
  • Make recycled paper (decorative)
  • Nature Photography
  • Nature Fibonacci sequence (math)/Designs in Nature
  • Nature Mandalas (drawing)
  • Watercolor painting nature
  • Sistine Chapel Art

  • Friction Lab (Cans and washers on different surfaces)
  • Tablecloth trick with pennies and flask (Newton’s 1st Law)
  • Catapults (Accuracy and Precision)
  • Color Changing Milk (Surface Tension)
  • Can experiment (Air pressure)
  • Double Ball Bounce (collisions)
  • Swinging tray (centrifugal force)
  • Air Bags and Collisions (Momentum and Collisions)
  • Lemon Power (Electricity)
  • Make a compass using a needle and magnet (Magnetism)
  • Drops of water on a penny (surface tension)
  • Egg Drop (momentum and collision/speed and velocity)
  • Egg in a bottle (Air Pressure)
  • Smoke ring cannon (fluid vortex formation) with dry ice
  • Water Bottle Rockets! (Engineering Design, trajectory and projectile motion) http://www.tryengineering.org/sites/default/files/lessons/waterrocket_0.pdf
  • Build an earthquake safe building
  • Building bridges

  • Exploding Gummy Bear (decomposition reaction)
  • Eggsperiment (Osmosis)
  • Bubble Lab (Chemistry of Life)
  • Elephant’s Toothpaste (H2O2 and KI)
  • Pennies to Gold (Alchemy and Alloys/Homogeneous mixtures)
  • Periodic Table Bingo
  • Make molecule and atomic models
  • Homemade Soap
  • Ice cream science
  • Sharpie pen tie dye/chromatography
  • Candy chromatography
  • Crystal garden/pipe cleaner crystals (Borax crystal snowflake)
  • Titrations and molarity/molar concentrations
  • The mole
  • Density experiments
  • Density Column (density and miscibility)
  • Bend water with static electricity
  • pH lab with cabbage juice indicator
  • Black Snakes or Glow Worms
  • Candle Science Magic Trick
  • Light, re-light
  • Duck Tape Triboluminescence (friction and mechanical energy)
  • Electroactive slime
  • Endothermic chemical reaction (safe) with citric acid and sodium bicarbonate
  • Exothermic chemical reaction with steel wool and vinegar
  • Silly putty (homemade using elmer’s glue and borax)
  • Diet coke and mentos geyser
  • Glow in the dark bubbles
  • Invisible ink
  • Metamucil Flubber
  • Ooblek
  • Homemade perfume
  • Homemade chapstick

Anatomy and Physiology:

Sports Science:
  • Bowling (Newton’s 2nd Law)
  • Table cloth experiment (Newton’s 1st Law)
  • Hockey (friction)
  • Bocce (Accuracy and Precision)
  • The Science of Hackey Sack
  • Football punts with paper football (Measure trajectory and projectile motion)
  • Balloon Volleyball
  • Reaction Time
  • Wood Versus Metal
  • Cold bounce off

Forensic Science:
  • Fingerprint analysis
  • Hair and Fiber Analysis
  • Crime scene (Mock)
  • Blood spatter Analysis
  • Ballistics
  • Pen/marker chromatography
  • White powders lab (Christmas Cookie/Valentine Cookie)


  • Leaf/Seed Taxonomy
  • Extracting and Spooling DNA
  • Pond water and other protists under microscope
  • Outdoor nature scavenger hunt
  • Leaf chromatography
  • Taxonomy/dichotomous keys outdoors
  • Oh Deer! game
  • Evolution game (online)

Scientific Method:

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