Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Week in Science

Interesting Podcasts about all different genre in the world of science.  Check it out!!

Click on this link:

Meal worm Behavior Virtual lab

Learn more about Responding and Adjusting (one of the 8 Features of Life) by doing this virtual lab about meal worms.

Click on the link: Virtual Lab


-Work on Mealworm Lab
-Learn about Variables
-Finish Mealworm Lab
-Where Does Life Come From? (pgs. 21-23)
-Hand out textbooks
-"The Demise of the Halloween Pumpkins"
   -Observe and predict
-Discuss Theories and scientists, timeline
-Pumpkins observations
-Pumpkins observations
-Mealworm Lab due
-Coacervate demo
-Quiz on Wednesday 10/9

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homeostasis of the Eye Lab

This is a great YouTube video, 14 min or so, that helps explain positive and negative feedback loops.  Some of the information is a bit advanced but it can provide some basic information to help understand the lab and to advance your learning :)

Click on this link: Positive and Negative Feedback Loops and Homeostasis

Friday, September 20, 2013


-Work on mini-project (Due: Tuesday 9/24)
-Review for Living Things Quiz (Tuesday 9/24); study notes
-Share projects
-Take Quiz
-Homeostasis of the Eye Lab
-Mealworm Lab
-Homeostasis of the Eye Lab Due
- Continue Mealworm Lab

Friday, September 13, 2013

8 Features of Living Things Mini-Project

Students have been assigned this short and creative project to help reinforce their learning of the 8 features of living things. Students may choose either the cartoon or comic strip design and then they should research their chosen organism and plan their project to show how each of the 8 features applies to or "fits" their chosen organism. Ultimately, proving that their organism is indeed a living thing. Students will be given some time in school to work on this project and use iPads to research.  Some time may be required to work on this project at home.

DUE: Tuesday, 9/24


Features of Living Things Mini-Project

Goal: To Create a Comic-Strip or Cartoon that portrays, describes and illustrates the 8 Features of Living Things of a specific organism.

  • Choose a specific organism. Examples: zebra, alligator, hummingbird, mushroom, etc...
  • Think of examples and describe how each of the 8 features “fits” or applies to your chosen organism.  This part should be completed as a brainstorming rough draft.  You may need to research a bit to find out specific information.
  • Create a cartoon (one plate design) or a comic strip (many plate design) to show how each of the 8 features applies to your chosen organism.
  • Illustrate your organism using color and design to show each feature.
    • You may do this using a cartoon design where you would draw the organism and then provide labels in places where each of the 8 features would be represented.
    • You may do this using a comic strip design where you would create separate plates that show your organism representing the 8 features.
  • Label each feature neatly in a talking bubble and provide a description of how that feature applies to your organism.
  • Include your name and date on the bottom, right-hand corner of the paper.
  • Include a border that extends all the way around all sides of the paper.
  • Have FUN!!


___5___ Organism chosen is a living thing and evidence for this is substantial.
___3___ Name and date are on the bottom, right-hand corner of paper.
___2___ Border extends all the way around all sides of the paper.
___10__ Neatness, care, effort and color in your design and descriptions.
___35__ 8 features are represented and are correct.
___35__ 8 features are described inside a talking bubble and are accurate.
___10___ Works Cited: Use Citation Machine
Citation Machine



-Crazy Catapult Challenge: design, fastest to knock down a fortress, accuracy shooting a target
-8 Characteristics of Life, review key ideas and notes
-Go over Dog vs. Stream
-Introduce and work on 8 Features of Living Things Mini-Project
-Work on mini-project (Due: Tuesday 9/24)
-Work on mini-project (Due: Tuesday 9/24)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


-Science Current Event Write-ups Due; Share in class
-Introduce: Crazy Catapult Challenge
Scientific Method
-Work on Crazy Catapult Challenge
- Work on catapults
-Work on catapults
-Living Things Day!!!