Sunday, November 30, 2014

12/1-12/5           Agenda and Assignments

-Go over HW
-Read about Mixtures and continue with Note-taking guide
-Mixture Demonstrations
-HW 1. Chemistry Worksheet (2 sides), use textbook (pgs. 68-71)
          2. Bring in a food label (with ingredients and nutrition) for 12/5
-Go over HW
-Review mixtures
-Make salsa (heterogeneous mixture) and Kool-Aid (solution)
-HW 1. Note-taking guide: Parts C, D, E (pgs. 72-75)

          2. Bring in a food Label for 12/5
-Notes on 3.1
-Correct HW
-Set up "Eggsperiment"
-HW 1. Food Label Lab: Read and Highlight, complete 1-10 pre-lab
          2. Bring in a Food label for 12/5
No School - Professional Development
-Discuss HW Pre-lab questions
-Food Label Activity
-HW None

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