Friday, March 3, 2017

3/6-3/10           Agenda and Assignments

-Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis, Chapter 4.2 (pgs. 106-111)
-Watch Fertilization Video
-Cancer: Mitosis Gone Wrong is due today
-Discussion about Cancer
HW 1. Sexual Reproduction wkst (pgs. 106-111)

        2. Portfolio Reflection #5 due on Friday, 3/10
-Presentations!!!  Mitosis Animation videos
-Correct HW
HW DNA Blog Post (watch video and complete questions)
-4.2 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction 2-Column Notes
-The Miracle of Life video

-Go Over HW and collect
HW DNA Note-taking and diagram (color code and color DNA)
Genetics Science Learning Center Internet Lesson
-4.3 DNA 2-Column Notes (pgs. 112-117)
-Go Over HW and collect
HW 1. Portfolio Reflection #5 due tomorrow

        2. GSLC Internet Lesson due on Tuesday, 3/14
-Portfolio Reflection #5 due today!
Human Genome Interactive Timeline
-Work on Genetics Science Learning Center
-Make DNA Origami
HW 1. GSLC Internet Lesson due on Tuesday, 3/14
        2. Quiz on 4.2 and 4.3 on Tuesday, 3/14


The Miracle of Life

What is DNA?

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