Saturday, March 25, 2017

3/27-3/31           Agenda and Assignments

-Finish up with Paper Pet Lab
-Read Genetics Since Mendel, 5.2 pgs. 136-142 LSAF
-Top-down web and vocab
-2-Column Notes
HW 1. Paper Pet Lab Questions are due tomorrow
        2. Genetics Since Mendel Wkst, 2-sides, pgs. 136-142
-Paper Pet Lab is due
-Discussion about Genetic Disorders and Project details
-Begin Genetic Disorder Project research
-Lesson on Blood Types and genetics
-Work on Genetic Disorder Project
-Lesson on Pedigree Analysis
-I'm My own Grandpa!!
-The Blue People of Troublesome Creek
-Work on Genetic Disorder Project
-Work on Genetic Disorder Project
Sam Berns - Progeria

Sunday, March 19, 2017

3/20-3/24           Agenda and Assignments

-Correct Bikini Bottom Genetics
-DNA Origami Model due today!
-Examine human traits
HW None
-World Down Syndrome Day!!
"celebrating a world of awareness"

-Begin Lab: Paper Pets (practicing Punnett square crosses and working with alleles, genotypes and phenotypes)
HW Watch Heredity: Crash Course - take 2-column notes
-Lab: Paper Pets - work on lab
HW None
-Work on Paper Pets Lab
HW Paper Pets Lab and Questions completed by Tuesday, 3/28
-Work on Paper Pets Lab
-Discuss Genetic Disorders
-Begin 5.2 Genetics Since Mendel
HW 1. wkst 2-sides Genetics Since Mendel (pgs. 136-142 LSAF), due on Tuesday, 3/28
        2. Paper Pets Lab and Questions completed by Tuesday, 3/28

What is a Gene?

Heredity: Crash Course

Tim's Place

Ashlyn Blocker - CIPA

Ashley Kurpiel - FOP

Saturday, March 11, 2017

3/13-3/17           Agenda and Assignments

-Work on DNA Origami
HW 1. Genetics Science Learning Center, due tomorrow
        2. Study for Quiz on 4.2 and 4.3 (pgs. 106-117)
Snow Day!!
-For Wednesday: Study for quiz and complete the Internet Lesson.

-Quiz on 4.2 and 4.3
-Finish DNA Origami
-Begin next unit on Genetics and Heredity, chapter 5
-Top-down web, vocabulary
HW Chapter 5 Genetics and Heredity Note-taking
-2-column Notes on Chapter 5, Genetics
-Go Over HW
-A look at alleles and traits
HW What the Heck are Genotype and Phoneotype?
-Begin Paper Pets Lab
-Correct What the Heck are Genotype and Phenotype?
HW Bikini Bottom Genetics

Friday, March 3, 2017

3/6-3/10           Agenda and Assignments

-Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis, Chapter 4.2 (pgs. 106-111)
-Watch Fertilization Video
-Cancer: Mitosis Gone Wrong is due today
-Discussion about Cancer
HW 1. Sexual Reproduction wkst (pgs. 106-111)

        2. Portfolio Reflection #5 due on Friday, 3/10
-Presentations!!!  Mitosis Animation videos
-Correct HW
HW DNA Blog Post (watch video and complete questions)
-4.2 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction 2-Column Notes
-The Miracle of Life video

-Go Over HW and collect
HW DNA Note-taking and diagram (color code and color DNA)
Genetics Science Learning Center Internet Lesson
-4.3 DNA 2-Column Notes (pgs. 112-117)
-Go Over HW and collect
HW 1. Portfolio Reflection #5 due tomorrow

        2. GSLC Internet Lesson due on Tuesday, 3/14
-Portfolio Reflection #5 due today!
Human Genome Interactive Timeline
-Work on Genetics Science Learning Center
-Make DNA Origami
HW 1. GSLC Internet Lesson due on Tuesday, 3/14
        2. Quiz on 4.2 and 4.3 on Tuesday, 3/14


The Miracle of Life

What is DNA?