Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/15-9/19 Agenda and Assignments (Week 3)

-Book Covers are due today!!  Must bring textbook to class each day.
-Review for Quiz
-Work on Features of Living Things Project, due on Fri. 9/19
-HW: 1.Study for Quiz, Tues. 9/16
           2. Work on Project, due on Fri. 9/19
-Quiz today!
-Work on project in class.
1. Work on Project, due on Fri. 9/19
-Work on project in class.  
-Learn Citation Machine and Easybib
-HW: 1Work on Project, due on Fri. 9/19
-Lab: Homeostasis of The Eye
-HW: 1. 
Work on Project, due on Fri. 9/19   
           2Blog Assignment - Bozeman Science(answer 2 questions),                  watch the first 8:15 minutes.
-Features of Living Things Project is due today!
-Finish Homeostasis of the Eye Lab

-HW: 1. Lab Questions (1-8) are due on Mon. 9/22

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