Sunday, September 7, 2014

9/8-9/12 Agenda and Assignments (Week 2)

-All Aboard!  Reflection Questions for homework due on Tues. 9/9
-Conservation and Fundraising
-Bring in a Living Thing on Tues. 9/9
-Living Thing Day!
-In class reflection: Determining the Features of Living Things
-HW: Dog vs. Stream (2 sides)
-Quiz: Features of Life, Tuesday, 9/15

-HW: Living or Non-Living? worksheet (1 side)
-Discuss and go over HW
-Finish Notes
-HW: The Martian and The Car 
-Cover Textbook by Monday, 9/15
Book Cover Tutorial:
-Features of Life Comic Strip/Cartoon, due on Friday, 9/19
-Work on Features of Life Comic Strip/Cartoon
-HW: Study Notes for Quiz on Tuesday
, 9/16 and Cover Textbook by Monday, 9/15

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